“Conflict is, therefore, simply the sound made by cracks in a system…”  Kenneth Cloke

A word from Barb about working with conflict:

The skills and efforts I put forth in facilitation, mediation, collaborative communication training, conflict resolution and prevention and conflict coaching, involve being able to consistently employ empathy, curiosity, equanimity, grounded listening and compassion. Understanding that conflict is not inherently bad and knowing that it is a powerful invitation for transformation is a primary guide during this work.

I’m so grateful to work with people who are in the midst of conflict. It’s an opportunity for me to use many life experiences, skills and knowledge that have accrued over the years, in a way that is useful and effective. The style I use is fairly down to earth and filled with common sense and curiosity. It is important to find ways for my clients to feel safe enough to respond to the risks inherent with conflict and change. My life has become more and more about helping create that safety and accompanying people as they step to the edges of their comfort zones in order to understand and resolve their conflicts.

My ongoing personal and professional development also includes “antiracism for white people” which entails holding an awareness of the blindspots and unconscious biases intrinsic to being a person with white skin. I carry this sensitivity into the work, maintaining a welcoming openness to being corrected and staying committed to doing my own work as a lifetime commitment.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” Winston Churchill