Services Provided

Collaborative Communication Training

Community Disputes

Conflict Coaching

  • Any individual needing clarity about conflict in their life on any level.
  • Couples
  • Educational professionals including Teachers, Professors, Administrators, Support Staff
  • Executive Directors, Managers, Leaders, Staff at all levels of an organization
  • Governmental employees, managers, leaders
  • Law Enforcement, Corrections
  • Multi-generational families living in communal settings.
  • Student Leaders

Conflict Resolution/Prevention

  • Collaborative Communication Training
  • Conflict Audits
  • Chronic Conflict Evaluation
  • Executive and Employee Conflict Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Systems Design (with facilitated participation from leadership and teams)
  • Team Building via transformative approach

End of Life Mediation / Facilitated Conversations

Group Facilitation

Leadership Training & Coaching

  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Directors
  • Managers
  • Teams within organizations


  • Any dispute that could be mediated instead of litigated (Except marriage dissolutions and parenting plans and elder care disputes.)
  • Employee Disputes
  • Marriage/Cohabitation agreements
  • Business partner disputes

Peer Mediation Training

  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Organizations