Professional Experience


Collaborative communication, conflict resolution and prevention, organizational system design and redesign (including team building), executive coaching, conflict coaching for businesses, non-profits, board of directors, groups, families and individuals. Strategic planning and goal setting with businesses and organizations and subsequent resource building to prepare for changes.

Project Coordinator, Pandemics and Peacebuilding and Peacebuilding in Perilous Times, a partnership between the National Association of Community Mediation and Mediators Beyond Borders International.

Member: Mediators Beyond Borders
Certified Mediator: Montana Mediators Association

Mediation (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New York, California and Internationally)

Certified Mediator. Serving businesses and organizations, community groups, employee mediation needs, couples (other than divorce).

Executive/Management Coaching

Working with CEO’s, Executive Directors, Bureau Chiefs etc. to open more successful pathways within professional development and working with teams and Boards of Directors.

Teaching Assistant (Pepperdine – Malibu CA Strauss Institute)

Conflict Resolution/Prevention Consulting with Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldmith

Teaching Assistant (Southern California School of Law)

Mediating Within the Organization with Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith

Teaching Assistant (Center for Dispute Resolution Santa Monica CA)

Mediation Certification Course

Counselling/Coaching (Montana)

Body-Mind Centered psychology utilizing mindfulness and neuroscience

Body Worker (Montana, Colorado, California Bay Area)

Myofascial Release, Trauma sensitive somatic resourcing, Massage Therapy

Mental Health Case Manager (Montana)

Community placement with intense case management for people with severe mental illness leaving a state hospital after many years of institutional care.

Construction Project Management and Property Management (Montana, Utah, Colorado, California Bay Area)

Project management for property owners during commercial remodel projects from small strip malls to high rise multi use buildings. Coordination of communication and directives between owners, contractors, engineers, architects and licensing governmental agencies. Owners were often non-profit board of directors for HUD housing and mixed-use residential/commercial projects. Various positions including Property Manager, Project Manager, Vice President of Property and Project Management, as well as owning independent firm.

Parole Officer (Utah)

Pilot program for female offenders with capital offenses or serious violent convictions in a community setting. Wrote guidelines and secured funding for federal inmates to be integrated into the system. Assisted U.S. Federal Marshals in transportation of protected witnesses and inmates across the United States.

Assistant Director, Battered Women’s Shelter (Utah)

Helped secure funding for a shelter at the YWCA and followed through with programming and supervision.

Reporter/Journalist (Utah)

Covered higher education institutions in Salt Lake City. First reporter in the west to write an investigative story on grade inflation and equity in educational institutions.

Equity, Inclusion and Bias Awareness Studies

Calling In – Loretta J. Ross
Anti-Racism Practices – Resmaa Menakem