Leadership Training and Coaching

This approach is for people who are managers, directors or team members who want to deepen their ability to have a positive impact within their organization as well as an increase in the satisfaction they experience in their day to day work. It is sometimes combined with Conflict Coaching for managers or leaders who find themselves stymied by situations in the workplace. Sometimes clients are referred by their organization to receive support in identifying behaviors that have become detrimental to the group and finding ways to transform their style into one that reflects their values and abilities.

  • Provide a safe, equanimous space for clients to explore their hopes and fears when it comes to leading others.
  • Facilitate processes and discussions that will help client find authentic and values driven styles of leading.
  • Train in collaborative communication skills.
  • Contemplate behaviors and choices that inhibit true leadership and find ways to shift those beliefs into a more open and mindful approach.