End of Life Mediation/Facilitated Conversations

Death and loss are excruciatingly difficult times for family and friends. Often, what used to be manageable conflicts can suddenly become seemingly insurmountable obstacles to connecting. Surprises and revelations can rock the foundations that families and friends rely on for balance during these sad and confusing times. Not only is each individual’s experience of life being deeply impacted, the family or friends’ “system” of understanding and being with one another is also being challenged.

This service is for families and friends in the process of loss, preparing for loss or after a family member or friend has passed away.

Barb has worked with death and dying issues for over 35 years and during this time has gathered first-hand experiences of what happens when a family or community is rocked by loss. She has developed a deeply compassionate approach, utilizing honesty, clarity and kindness.

There are times with this service that Barb will partner with a co-mediator and facilitator, depending on the size of the group and their needs.