Conflict Resolution/Prevention

This service is tailored to fit the unique needs of each organization or group. Working with the organization on all levels makes this approach a healing and strengthening one rather than one of palliative and temporary “fixes”. CRP can result in increased profits and productivity by eliminating (sometimes devastating) time, staff and customer losses due to chronic conflicts. The main components of CRP are:

  • Identify sources of conflict and understand the history.
  • Identify needs that are un-met as a result of the conflicts (organizational needs and those of customers, employees, and/or community)
  • Identify needs that went un-met that contributed to the conflicts
  • Work with all the stakeholders involved in and impacted by the conflicts to find ways to resolve the conflicts and put in place systems to prevent the creation of chronic conflicts moving forward.
  • Scheduled follow up assessments to support changes that are made during the process of CRP.