Group Facilitation

If you think your group or organization would benefit from a skilled conflict resolution partner, consider this option. For groups of up to 30 participants, one facilitator is used and for larger groups, Brave Conversations LLC will partner with another facilitator or facilitators depending on needs and group sizes.

Group Facilitation is a process that:

  • Provides a way for people to come together and hear the interests, needs and desired outcomes that they have, in ways that optimize understanding and finding pathways for moving forward.
  • Provides a wonderful format that makes it possible for your unique interests and perspectives to be heard and have an opportunity to be appreciated within your group.
  • Provides a courageous space for you to hear the interests and perspectives of other group members in ways that encourage ease in understanding and an appreciation of diverse interests.
  • Provides ways to establish commonalities within the group as well as approaches to inclusion of diverse ideas and needs in order to provide inclusive outcomes.
  • Is not about compromise; it is about finding the best path forward with all members of the group discovering satisfaction through facilitated conflict resolution and dynamic collaborative designs using creativity, pragmatism, imagination and understanding.

Using interest based and consensus building modalities, Barbara uses her training, diverse experiences, and deep listening skills along with her enthusiasm for helping people understand and get comfortable with conflict as a powerful vehicle for transformative processes. Facilitated processes can last from a few hours to a day or several days of meetings.